1. The times for sessions are given in Central European time (CET). (To check the time difference with your own location, google “What time is it in Paris now?”)
  2. For privacy reasons we do not record workshops or Think-Ins; so if you miss a live session you will not be able to watch it later.

IB Approved Workshops

What We Offer

InThinking have more than 20 years experience providing top quality IB-approved workshops. During that time we have trained more than 25,000 educators and received consistently good feedback.

We currently offer innovative & dynamic face-to-face workshops and "virtually perfect" online workshops. All of our IB-approved workshops last 2 ½ days.


  • Highly experienced providers
  • IB-approved since 2008
  • 1,600 workshops
  • 25,000 participants
  • 1,200 schools
  • 117 countries


  • Please check the IB explanation of categories.
  • Autumn workshops are mainly for teachers new to the IB MYP & DP (Cat 1).
  • Spring workshops are mainly for more experienced IB MYP & DP teachers (Cat 2).

Language of instruction

  • With the exception of languages, InThinking workshops are conducted in English.
  • Language workshops (e.g. Spanish B, etc.) take place in the relevant language.
  • We are sensitive to the needs of second language users.

Workshops 2022-23

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